The perfect lunch hour @ 200 Degrees


Working in town definitely has its perks, especially when it comes to the choice of food and drink available during lunch. Whilst my bank balance and waistline might not agree, i think it’s fab how much choice we have right on our doorstep. However, with that being said, there’s only a handful (in my opintion) of lil gems that reallllyyyy serve top notch coffee (not that im a coffee snob – more of a caffeine whore) but now i’ve found a new one to add to the list: 200 degrees. 

I was invited to try 200 degrees for myself after sadly missing their launch event – id heard amazing things so was super excited and it was the perfect opp to treat ourselves in our Friday lunch hour. 1pm came around and when i say the heavens opened i mean they OPENED (bye bye cute outfit pic) so we ran down to the metquarter and were welcomed into the warm and dry arms of 209 degrees with the smell of cake and coffee making me dribble a lil bit – there is so much delicious choice on display.

All of the staff at 200 degrees are super friendly and we were immediately shown around by the manager. Im a little bit obsessed with the decor situation in 200 degrees – rustic but contemporary with bare wood and bricks but industrial style light fittings and super trendy chairs and stools – the perfect place to enjoy lunch with friends, have a quiet coffee moment alone or bring your laptop to get some much-needed work done (with cake).

We sat in the corner of the shop on a super cosy high table and ordered a mocha (the most delicious mocha ive ever tasted – true story) and Ruth a rhubarb lemonade which was equally as good! We were brought out a selection of sandwiches which included both meat and veggie options. Standouts included the salami and feta baguette, the falafel wrap and the winner for me – the beetroot humous baguette. It was obvious that the sandwiches had been freshly made and i just love how there’s so many new and exciting flavours to choose from – because you can’t underestimate a good sandwich, but you can definitely experiment with filling! Alongside our sandwiches, we also got to try two of the gorgeous salad bowls on offer with a delicious potato salad and giant cous cous going down an absolute treat with our sandwiches. 

Once we’d enjoyed our sandwich platters (serioussss lunchtime goals) we were presented with an array of mouthwatering cakes to try and if i thought the sandwiches were good, it was fast becoming clear that 200 degrees don’t mess around when it comes to sweet treats either. From pastele de nata (livin’ the Lisbon dream all over again) to a moist (lol SORRY but it was) courgette and lemon loaf, a WARM piece of squidgy banana bread, a super thick, oozing caramel slice, crunchy (yet oh so melty) Rocky Road and, the piece de resistance (in my opinion) the espresso brownie. Now let me just tell you that this was the gooiest meltiest stodgiest brownie ive ever had the pleasure of putting into my mouth and the combination of coffee and chocolate made it a delightful sweet treat and i could honestly have easily polished off 10 no bother. 

It’s safe to say im MADE UP that 200 degrees has opened up in Liverpool (although its proximity to the office with THOSE brownies is definitely probbaly gonna be a massive issue for my willpower). Inside, 200 degrees combines delicious coffee, a fab quick, easy but also super fresh menu with chilled out vibes and the best sweet treats ive had in a while. Whether you’re heading in alone or fancy lunch with friends and/or family this fab coffee shop is an amazing new addition to our city centre. Try it out for yourself! 

Thursday Night Feast at Rocket n Ruby


It’s safe to say that when eating out in Liverpool today, you’re spoilt for choice with all of the amazing places that pop up regularly, and that’s amazing. But there are a few places that really stick with you and you’ll return time and time again, whether that’s for a date night, a girly brunch or just a drink in the sun and for me, Rocket and Ruby has quickly become one of those places. So when i was invited for a press night to sample the dishes on their fab, ever-developing menu (and have a cocktail or 5) i obviously said yes ten times over.

Rocket and Ruby is sat on the corner of Castle Street, next door to sister restaurant and long-time Liverpool favourite Bacaro. From it’s quirky decor to its dusty pink menus, open kitchen and ‘coffee to go’ window, this place is just goals for any instagrammer (ahem) but successfully combines this with an obvious culinary knowledge and some delightfully delicious food.

We met the team from Think (as well as some fab blogger gals) at the restaurant and wasted no time in ordering our drinks: rhubarb rose fizz for me (rhubarb gin and rose lemonade which went down like the most delish juice ive ever tasted and and their better (if possible) take on the classic aperol spritz: the aperol peach punch (this was a thursday evening which is basically friday which is basically the weekend so with all that said and done working our way through the cocktail list was totally and utterly justified). We sipped our cocktails whilst munching on the most delightful olives in the history of olives (i order these every time i come here) and devouring some warm flatbreads and oil whilst we set to work on the menu.

The guys at Rocket and Ruby recommended 4-5 plates between two, so, naturally, we chose five off the menu and even narrowing it down to that was TOUGH. Every dish sounded bloody fantastic but we eventually settled on the following: 

The Harrissa Mac with Buttermilk fried chicken

I KNOW. This was basically as good as it sounds, with a cheeky lil bit of heat added to the mac n cheese which was smothered all over the top of crispy chicken. Diet starts….never let’s face it.

The ham, egg, straw fried and chilli jam

A lil Rocket and Ruby classic and something i always order because what the hell is not to love about a (big) small plate crispy straw fries, runny egg, thick cut ham a lil hint of sweet chilli. I’ll have 5 pls.

The enoki mushrooms with a coconut and avo cream
Light and crispy mushrooms on a bed of rich, smooth avo cream with a hint of coconut sweetness. A revelation.

The sweet n sour fried cauliflower
Crispy battered cauliflower with a sweet n sour sauce, this was just so moreish, with the cauliflower still having a crunch to it, despite the batter being cooked perfectly.

Herb tabbouleh 
 A lil refreshing bowl of goodness packed with pickled cucumber, chilli, goats cheese, walnuts and honey. Delightful. 

DESPITE my top button being undone, it’s no secret this gal can’t refuse dessert, so we ordered the chocolate sponge  – warm and rich with a delightfully creamy banana ice cream and the beautifully light pistachio tart (also w/ ice cream). I couldn’t pick a fave if you PAID ME x

I mean, when Rocket and Ruby say small plates they don’t really mean that small at all and as well as being totally delicious in every way, these generous portions make it amazing value for money. With a creative menu, loads of choice, cocktails galore and just all of the lovely chilled out dinner vibes, it goes without saying that you really should pay these guys a visit. Oh and they also do a bloody fantastic brunch as well – don’t take me word for it. Thank you so much to Rocket and Ruby for a deliciously wonderful evening, i will be back soon to eat you all out of house n home once again. 

A Summer Soiree at Aether


With the rain battering down in true British Summertime style, we were determined to still have a Friday night to remember at the fab Aether bar (situated on Chavasse Park for those that don’t know) last week and, as if by magic, just at the event started, so did the sun, so it would have been rude not to get stuck into cocktails and canapes to welcome in the weekend.

Aether has to be one of my favourite bars in town at the minute. With a sophisticated and chic décor, floor to ceiling windows and an upmarket yet slightly quirky cocktail menu, it’s a fab place to visit for drinks with the girls or to get dressed up for a date night. When the weather is fab, they have a gorgeous wooden terrace to enjoy drinks and nibbles on and when it’s miserable outside, you can enjoy Aether’s cosy, warm ambience as you listen to live music, because who doesn’t a little bit of opulence?

Last Friday, 9th August, we headed down to Aether for their ‘summer soiree’ event to try out some of their brand-new cocktails. The atmosphere when we arrived was fab and I was living for the shell-style drinks tokens and pink fizz on arrival (my kind of event). As well as the pink summery spritz (known as the Fiero spritz), I also tried out the chilli chocolate cocktail. I was a bit sceptical at first (I mean, I’m usually a basic Aperol kinda gal) but this was a warming rum drink with a hint of sweetness served with not only in a tumbler with one of those big posh ice cubes but also with a totally indulgent, completely melty homemade vegan chilli chocolate on the side. I was sold. Other cocktails on offer included the highly Instagrammable Tanqueray-based Bee Sting cocktail with, of course, edible flowers on the top. We sipped and chatted to the tune of some fab live music and it was the perfect way to relax after a week at work.

East River, a new restaurant based on Allerton Road which is inspired by the delis of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, provided canapés for the evening. We enjoyed warm garlic bagels with pots of humous, loaded sweet potato wedges and beef satay skewers. I haven’t been to East River yet but with a little taste of what they have to offer, I’ll definitely be heading over to try them out properly.

Upon leaving, we were handed lil miniatures of flavoured liqueur to take home and *attempt* to re-create our own cocktails and honestly I’m here for trying to make my own vegan chocolate too ‘cos that shit was delicious (watch this space). Thanks so much to the guys at Aether for a fab lil summery evening – these guys are definitely ones 2 watch and I’m excited to see what other fab inventions they come up with. Well worth a visit.

Toy Story 4 at the other Everyman


If you haven’t been to The Everyman Cinema, inside The Metquarter yet, then i don’t really know wyd because it’s literally the best thing ever. Walking in to asbolute interior goals, you can not only choose what filom you want to see but also choose from a range of booze and food to be served to you whilst you watch your movie. From chips and guac to full pizzas, burgers and margarita’s, there really is no better way to watch a movie. So when I was invited down to watch Toy Story 4, i was READY (with tissues).

The Everyman Cinema has a number of different screens and for Toy Story we sat in one of the bigger rooms, which is full of the comfiest chairs and side tables. We were shown to our seats and sank right into the sofas as we waited for the film to start. Like EVERYONE, i’ve been a Toy Story fan since I was about 3 years old and now I’m 26 it was an emotional thought that I could potentially be watching the last one ever. Now, i wont give anything away about the film other than to say it definitely was a tear jerker and WELL WORTH a watch. If you don’t fancy Toy Story, I’d definitely recommend visiting The Everyman for a film of your choice because who the hell doesn’t want to watch a Blockbuster movie sprawled out on a comfortable couch with a burger in one hand and a vino in the other. No-one, that’s who.

Jimmy’s Launches in Liverpool


Bar/restaurant/gig venue/the place of all things good times Jimmy’s has finally arrived in Liverpool, after years of letting Manchester have all the fun, which is super exciting. After receiving the most extra invite ever (including a mini Jagermeister, an actual real life record and my very own band pass) last week, I headed to the launch (where I drank Rose Zinfandel cos I’m super Rock n Roll like that). Packed full of school night drinkers (did you know, Wednesday is the new Friday?), the venue was looking fan bloody tastic, with Jimmy’s signature red n black decor all over the place and a good bit of neon lighting thrown in for good measure cos when it comes to being extra AF in Liverpool, where there’s a will, there’s most certainly a way. Am. I. Right?

The venue is situated right opposite The Bombed Out Church at the top of Bold Street and sits across three floors. The bottom floor is the basement, where fab bands play weekly (check out their website and Instagram for the schedule), the middle floor is the bar area and upstairs the soon to be restaurant which will be serving everything from brunch to Sunday lunch which i am READY for. Looking for somewhere new to drink, eat and watch live music? Head over to Jimmy’s now!

SKINNY TAN SAVES LIVES: my go-to glow this summer


It’s probably safe to say that i’m a fake tan addict. There’s something about having a lil golden glow that just makes you feel READY and realising the impossibility of affording 25 holidays a year for ultimate upkeep, i have found a best friend in Skinny Tan.

Being the fair, blonde gal I am (not hating on the pale gail’s out there btw) Ive been using Skinny Tan products for pretty much ever (after the school days of streaky orange legs caused by tan wipes and the familiar spicy smell Johnson’s holiday skin, of course) and so when they asked to gift me some of their new products i might as well have just emailed back ‘TAN ME NOW’ in the subject line. Yes, i was excited. 

From gradual tan to instant bronze and even tinted sun cream and aftersun, the guys at Skinny Tan have been doing BITS with their new product range. Ive always been an advocate of their gradual tan as i find with their super thick mitt it goes on with a flawless finish, absolutely no patches and doesnt smell either. This develops over night like a dream ready to wash off in the morning and ta daaa, you’re glowin’. However, my current FAVE product in the range is the coconut tanning mist – literally the first tan ive ever seen like this. Simply spritz the refreshing, clear mist all over (i dab with a mitt to avoid patches) and go. It develops as you wear it and smells amazingly of coconuts. It’s cooling qualities are just fab for sweaty summer days and you don’t smell like a walking biscuit. Winner. 

I’ve also been lucky enough to try Skinny Tan’s SPF range which was whisked away with me to Lisbon – a spray on sun cream with gradual tanner plus a tinted aftersun was perfect to cheat a little with the holiday tan and feel top dollar in them holiday selfies. I was also gifted the gradual face moisturiser and mask (they contain aloe vera and are SO moisturising) which build up a subtle glow for the complexion (i put this on about 3 times per week and i swear i don’t even need foundation day to day). 

There’s also a few non-tan products to try from the Skinny Tan range such as the melting moisture balm which goes on like an oil and makes sure alllll those dry bits (elbows am lookin at u) don’t go patchy and the colour of your tan stays gorge for ages as well as the fab exfoliating mitt, which, if you’re a serial tanner like me, you’ll know the importance of when it comes to avoiding a patchy, streaky disaster. 

I’m even more in loveeee with Skinny Tan than i was already after trying all of these fab new products and i can’t wait to try out more from the range – they make tanning super natural, easy and quick, perfect for us busy gals that just crave a bit of glow. Try for yourself if you haven’t already! #fakeeverydaybrighter 

*i was gifted skinny tan as part of a brand collab but these opinions are my own. 

A Taste of Germany with Albert’s Schenke Liverpool


In a recent (always Prosecco filled) girl’s night out, we paid a visit to the brand new Albert’s Schenke, sister of the famous Albert’s Schloss. Albert’s Schenke has just opened its doors in Liverpool, serving up steins n pretzels n schnitzels n strudels to the Liverpool public as they head over for unique restaurant experience and some especially delicious scran. As we learnt, this place is perfect for group dining, its bench style seating, sharing platters, live music and DH booth (only at certain times) the ideal venue for loads of fun and, most importantly, a huge choice of cocktails and delicious, high quality food. Here’s everything you need to know about Albert’s Schenke’s fantastic launch night.

Belonging to Mission Mars, the restaurant group that also owns some fab other places (the Elephant Woolton, being one). If it’s tradition you’re after, you can rely on Albert’s Schenke to provide the best biers and pilsners on the planet from Bavaria and Bohemia, alongside the best local craft biers from the Liverpool area. There are over 20 biers on tap, curated by the on-site bier masters. As well as the drinks, their fantastic launch night allowed them to showcase the talents of their Cookhaus as we choose from a traditional yet creative menu, to enjoy on the evening.

In terms of food from Albert’s, I’ve been lucky enough to sample a few dishes and I can honestly say the food is completely delicious (totally indulgent but hey, that’s what we like). From the crispy, spicy lamb croquettes with the melty middle, to the succulent schnitzel and THAT raclette burger, it’s safe to say that Albert’s have smashed it when it comes to portion size, food quality AND taste. If you fancy something a bit lighter, i’d also recommend their various kebab flavours – fresh veggie and meat options served with salad on top of a soft pitta – delicious.

As well as highly recommended main course choices, there’s also plenty of sides and starters to choose from. Why not stick to tradition and try a warm, soft pretzel served with crumbly cheese and pickles? Oh and DEFINITELY order the Sformato as a side (that’s baked truffle mash with melting alpine cheese to you and me). If you want something different to the main menu you can also try Albert’s daily special – go on a Monday and it’s a big fat bowl of hearty scouse with a crusty white bloomer. Dreamy.

Finally i move onto arguably the most important part of the meal, the DESSERT MENU and yeah, it’s good. Being the traditional kinda gal that I am, I ordered the warm apple strudel with vanilla ice cream and savoured every last bite. It was SO good, packed full of apples, crispy, crumbly, buttery pastry, sultanas and a creamy ball of ice cream sat on the top. I KNOW. Other options included brownies and affogato which has pretty much secured the fact i’ll be returning very soon.

If you fancy a night out, a few drinks or a SLAP UP meal, Albert’s Schenke is your brand new guy, ready and waiting to show you a good time. You heard it here first (you probably didn’t but let’s pretend).

How to wear: Styling a Maxi Skirt


You’ve probably noticed that BIG this summer is the maxi skirt, but taking the plunge to wear one can be difficult, especially if you’re a little unsure about how to style one. I’ve heard SO many people say they wouldn’t suit the maxi skirt trend and I think it’s because they can be perceived as a little bit too done up, but the truth is they’re literally the easiest thing to wear with trainers. One that i’ve found to be so so versatile and one that i’ve worn loads this summer already is this cream tie waist linen skirt from Nasty Gal. Above, I’ve styled with leopard print and trainers for dressed down office casual and below I’ve channelled a holiday look with studded sandals and a leopard hair band. I didn’t want to overcrowd the skirt so I’ve kept it simple with a pop of pink and plain white bag. If you are a little wary about experimenting with a maxi skirt, why not just go for a plain block colour and style around it? I’ve also worn this dressed right down with a pair of chunky pink converse and a grey, oversized sweatshirt. There’s loads you can do if you bite the bullet and style it up for yourself.

Monday Funday at Castle St Townhouse


Last week i had a cheeky lil Monday funday at the fab Castles St Townhouse to try out their new menu offerings (and maybe have a mojito or 3). For those that don’t know, this gorgeous venue sits bang in the middle of castle street with dark green umbrellas on the outside and an interior to dieee for on the in. With it being a Monday and a busy day at work, i was ready to have a girlie catch up over some delicious food and cocktails.

Sitting down in a gorgeous green velvet booth we ordered two mojitos and set to work on the delicious sounding menu. As always, i wanted everything but finally settled on a few nibbles and a steak salad for the main (with a side of fries cos, you know). The nibbles were homemade humous which was deliciously served with warm pitta and some crusty bread with a generous helping of oil and balsamic – my FAVE. We dipped our bread and sipped our cocktails like true ladies that lunch and to be honest, i was living nothing short of my best life. 

Next up were our mains. My steak was cooked so well (medium) and sat on a bed of leafy greens, topped with a drizzle of salty chimichurri. The salad also had peanuts to give it a delicious sweet crunch and my fries were super crispy and skinny, just how i like em. We also ordered the chicken burger which came on a super soft brioche with the meat marinated in all kinds of delish herbs and spices, served with fries. Just so much yes. 

If, like me, you’ve lived in Liverpool a very long time and even work in town but have never ventured into Castle St Townhouse before, you need to, like now. Delicious food, amazing cocktails (the glasses are BIG) and just all round dead good vibes and lovely service. Couldn’t recommend this place enough for a lil friday (or Monday if you can’t be tamed like me) night treat. Go go go

How to wear: a lil neon never hurt nobody


Now, I feel like plenty of fashionistas have a little bit of a love/hate relationship with the neon trend. Whilst (in my opinion) it’s super cute, it can maybe be seen as not so chic if you’re not careful what you pair it with. An all over neon look isn’t really my vibe but incorporating it into an outfit in the form of a lil flash, is super easy and IMO just works. Here, i’ve taken this suuuper bright PLT turtle neck and dulled it down with this Brandy Melville straight black floral midi, Veja’s and a black Zara straw bag, making the neon fit into the outfit, rather than overtaking it completely. I’ve kept accessories minimal with just loose hair and a pearly hair band. Don’t be scared to go neon, just keep it in check!