Getting Summer Ready with Jack’s Supermarket


With June bringing some long-awaited sunshine and all the fun and excitement of the Euros, there has a never been a better time for BBQs with family and friends, now that restrictions allow. I don’t know about you, but I love nothing more than cooking up a huge feast with friends and family accompanied by some good wine, nibbles and games and with England currently still in the Euros – we have the perfect excuse!

When Jack’s challenged me to host a little garden soiree using their amazing range of BBQ products – I jumped at the chance, not only because I know how amazing the value of Jack’s products are, but also because I love to host and was excited to get creative with my recipes, after not having a family get together in so long! I was given £40 to spend in my local Jack’s supermarket and was so surprised at all the amazing quality food I was able to get for this. Walking into the supermarket, I spotted first off, the range of great-quality BBQ meat including burgers topped with caramelised onion cheese, Greek style pork kebabs, and a large box of buffalo style chicken wings – perfect for the ‘help yourself’ kind of food I was planning to make! With the meat being the main part of the meal, it was time to find some sides to accompany it with. In true BBQ style, I went for classics such as corn on the cob and a buffalo mozerella and tomato salad (my fave). I also found some packets of cous cous (I find these from Jack’s super easy and tasty, simply add hot water), a bag of kale for roasting, a red pepper and some apricots for a Moroccan style side salad. Lastly, I made a classic potato salad with mayo, spring onion and plenty of seasoning. I accompanied the side dishes with some super tasty ready-made nibbles from Jack’s including coleslaw, pesto and pine nut pasta, olives and sundried tomatoes as well as crispy sweet potato fries (these were reduced to just 80p!) delicious crisps, salsa and humous, perfect.

Everything was super easy to cook and throw together whilst entertaining guests with drinks and games, with the ready-seasoned chicken easy to throw on the BBQ as well as bake in the oven. Once everything was ready, I laid it out on the table in a buffet-style so that everyone could help themselves, and come back for more once the game was finished! When it was all laid out on the table, we couldn’t quite believe that everything was purchased for under £40 – I can’t recommend Jack’s enough if you’re hosting this summer!

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