Big night in with Jack’s supermarket


At the moment, particularly in Liverpool, things have taken a bit of a turn for the worst haven’t they? Just when we thought things were looking up, we were meeting friends, enjoying meals out and catching up with family, we’ve all been locked i again. When Jack’s got in touch to ask me to work with them in exchange for a voucher for one of their supermarkets, i wanted to do a little bit more than just my weekly shop! I decided to create a little bit of a dinner party, with some of the fab food Jack’s had on offer.

For those that don’t know, Jack’s supermarket is named after Tesco’s founder Jack Cohen and they aim to bring great-tasting food at the lowest possible prices, which, after a visit, i can definitely vouch for. I was super surprised at the variety available on the shelves and even more so at the price of everything, especially things like fruit, veg and the bakery. Here’s what i got:

So i don’t know about anyone else, but i feel like you really can’t go wrong with a grazing table full of crusty bread, oils, dips, crisps, cheeses and chutney, cooked meats, olives and other antipasti nibbles. A table full of this and a cold prosecco (or five), is the dream evening for me. Luckily, Jack’s were able to make my vision a reality with their selection of olives, cheese, bakery delights, crisps, dips and even things like mozzarella dippers from their party food freezer section. To wash it all down i picked up a bottle of Cava (this was just over £5) and an Elderflower Presse, which tasted unreal when mixed together. There was also plenty of other mixers so i picked up a few of the fevertree flavoured tonics, too.

As well as everything i needed for my party spread, i also picked up some essentials such as greek yoghurt and honey, almond milk, some frozen and fresh veg and also some cleaning products – i was pleased to see they had the Astonish surface cleaner as this is my favourite and also some rhubarb Zoflora – can’t get enough of this smell at the minute!!

As well as food and household bits, Jack’s also has some fab bargain baskets packed full of random products (when they’re gone, they’re gone) so i loved having a little route through those as well. Pictured below is the cutest plant that i just had to have (at £2.25 i wish is have got a couple more) and a really nice ceramic vase – perfect for my dries flowers. The tidbits available in the bargain baskets cost next to nothing so it’s well worth a good hunt if you have the time!!

We went to Jack’s on a Saturday morning and i have to say it was a super relaxed, chilled out experience compared to most Saturday shops and for the bargains inside, it’s well worth a venture to your nearest one! I have a fab night nibbling and sipping on Prosecco and i think another one is due soon!

*This is a paid partnership with Jack’s Supermarket, but all of the opinions are my own!

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