Friday night drinks at the bombed out church garden bar


It’s been a really really hot minute since ive written a blog post and really, truth be told, it’s because ive done nothing other than spend time making our brand new flat our own (more on that later). Anyway, as everyone is already aware, the lifting of lockdown restrictions mean that we’re now all free to eat back in bars and drink in restaurants and as a huge foodie whose partial to a gin or five at the weekend, i am MADE UP. So when the garden bar at our gorgeous bombed out church got in touch to ask if id like to go down for a few drinks and some pizza, i had booked my Friday night slot within five minutes.

Incase you haven’t noticed, the weather in July so far has been far from ideal, but last Friday we had a tiny hint of sunshine, which made for a gorgeous little evening sat outside with a drink. The bar and Wood-fired pizza stall are literally in the grounds of the bombed-out church with benches and umbrellas making for somewhere to sit and enjoy the scenery. We were greeted at the door and showed to our bench and told that to order, we simply scan the bar code on the table and select manually from the menu, paying as we go. Someone would then bring our order over. It was a pretty faultless system and worked perfectly for us, as well as making sure social distancing is adhered to at all times.

The bar has a wide selection of different gins and to drink i went for the grapefruit aintree gin with an an elderflower tonic cos im basic like that. To eat, we chose the ham and mushroom pizza and the olive and feta, both of which were cooked fresh by Turncoat and were utterly delish. Im ashamed to say id never been in the gorgeous grounds of the bombed out church before now, but with delicious food and drink, fab staff and super efficient social distancing, this place is a no-brainer and im sure we’ll definitely be back more than once this summer.

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