Drinks at the Royal Institution Colquitt Street


Now that Saturday night drinks are back on the cards in somewhere other than my own front room, it’s important that we take advantage of them at any given moment, right? So last Saturday we went to try out the Royal Institution, a brand new bar on Colquitt street.

You could say that the Royal Institution has had a bit of an unfair advantage when it comes to grand opening as it opened its historic doors two weeks before lockdown. What was once a private member’s club, is now a beautiful venue with a super boujee, art deco interior, with a cocktail menu to match. The bar mixes iconic history with contemporary decor making it potentially the next most instagrammable place in Liverpool, you heard it here first.

Walking in through the gorgeous pillars, you’re met with a huge flamingo mural and as you continue through the building, you come across a tropically decorated rook intended for hen parties and whisky tasting a sessions and another with the bar in, which is where we enjoyed our cocktails. The cocktail menu is so well thought-out and are finished with the most perfect attention to detail, so anyone whose a lover of a well-made drink or a vintage whisky, will also love it here.

As lockdown restrictions ease and we all start going out a bit more again, id definitely recommend a visit to this little gem of a bar. For those that want to take the experience at home, the Royal Institution’s exclusive off-licence will also be open for takeout!

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