We’ve bloody done it – moving into our first home


It’s been a hot minute since i wrote any kind of blog post and to be honest, even from before lockdown, let’s say just after i broke my wrist, my life has slowed down massively (at risk of sounding.a tad dramatic). Since February 14th when i fell and broke a bone, what was once me heading out for up to 4 blog events per week, seeing friends, gymming from 6-7.45 am every morning, came to a standstill. After surgery i felt super vulnerable and terrified of even walking too quickly incase i slipped and fell or of going somewhere busy where someone could bump into me. Just as i was getting back to a sense of normality and beginning to feel more ‘me’ again (i returned to work, put on my fake tan, had a few occasions out for drinks/food with the girls) we were in lockdown and the staying at home thing started again. Only this time we were doing EVERYTHING inside the same four walls, whether it was date night, going to the gym or catching up with friends (can i get an amen for Zoom?). And just as i was about to scream with the frustration of groundhog day, our flat purchase completed.

We started our flat hunting journey at the end of 2019, straight after my boyfriend had come home from a super long patrol. We’ve been together for six years now but never bothered to rent as we are apart a lot and just didn’t see the point in putting money into it (im very lucky we had the option to live at home all this time). This meant we could save a pretty good amount for a deposit. We knew we wanted a flat/apartment, city centre (ish) based but other than that, were pretty open minded but we finally found our gorgeous little 2 bed  apartment with river views after a good few weeks of searching. We were really close to getting our keys and then just like that, we were locked down. Not ideal.

The process slowed slightly as there were fears the banks wouldn’t lend and that moving could be stopped altogether because it was classed as ‘non essential’ movement. However, luckily for us, the property we were moving into was empty (previously a holiday let) and we’d agreed it would be left fully furnished, so all we had to do was physically drive there with our things. We finally got our keys on May 4th and the new home adventure begun.

We’ve been in our little flat for just over two weeks now and absolutely love everything about it (despite the old decor/ugly wallpaper and brown carpet) and are slowly but surely going to work on making it our own, so feel free to follow my journey as we take the time to get it exactly how we want it!

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