Kinder Bueno Cookie Slices


I probably don’t need to state the obvious but last time i blogged we definitely weren’t stuck in isolation. Since then, we can’t go out, we’re all working from home and we’re all massively missing going out to eat and drink, socialise, workout etc etc. But you knew that already. Now, we’re all frantically trying to find ways in which to entertain ourselves in the house, with baking and head shaving being amongst the most popular. Whilst I’m probably not going to do the latter, ive always been into baking, but never really post about it as im the kind of person that completely makes up the recipes or only follows it roughly so i never really have any kind of recipe to share. However, i posted a giant slice of a Kinder Bueno cookie i made yesterday on my story and had a fair few messages (when i say fair few, i mean a fair few for me) asking for the recipe so thought id do a little blog so that people can follow along…cos what else is there to do?! And these go just fantastically with a glass of wine and your fave book….a dream night in. The recipe i follow is age old and written on a battered piece of paper so im going to write it out again here – it’s super simple and literally takes 10 minutes to make and you probs actually already have the ingredients at home.

The recipe:

225g butter
120g brown sugar
120g granulated sugar
1 egg
340g plain flour
300g of your chosen content (this can literally be anything. For my kinder bueno cookies I added chunks of kinder chocolate into the mix and stuck bueno pieces on the top, when the cookie was cooked, but you can add anything into the mixture, rolos, reeses, white choc chips, m&ms etc).

Combine all of the ingredients into a bowl (i literally just chuck them all in and crack the egg on top and mix it all together) and stir until the ingredients form a dough. At first it will seem like you’ve added far too much flour but if you keep at it, it will eventually form a dough. Part way through, use your hands until it forms a big ball.

Spread the ball out onto a pizza tray, making sure it doesn’t touch the edges because the cookie will expand in the oven. Bake for about 15-20 mins at 180 – it will still be soft in the middle but browning around the edges. Leave to cool and cut into slices! This is best stored in the fridge.

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