Putting things into perspective: the broken wrist diaries


I’ve broken my wrist and it sucks. Like badly. One minute i was doing high box toe taps in the gym giving it my all and the next minute I’ve fallen backwards with my whole wrist taking my weight. I wont go into detail about the state of my wrist as i lifted it up to assess the damage but let’s just say it resembled a banana and hurt like HELL. A shit load of gas and air and a couple x-rays later and here i am awaiting surgery to fix it. I can’t shower, put my hair in a bobble or leave the house independently at the moment and for someone that thrives on a lil routine and pleasing myself, being reliant on someone else for basic everyday things has really got me down. So, as sit on my arse and trying to find a comfortable position to rest my arm in (difficult) i decided to have a word with my sorry self and put things into perspective.

Since last Friday i havent really done an awful lot apart from eat, watch teen mom Australia (dont knock it) and read a couple books. This will also be my second blog post thanks to the drag and type feature on i-phone which has really been  a game changer. But despite the boredom, i’m still lucky. I have a warm house and clean pyjamas and food in the fridge and a gorgeous family to do things like help me in the shower and tie my hair in a bobble and despite the setback and scary surgery ahead, i WILL recover.

When your life slows down so suddenly it actually gives you the opportunity to sit back and think about what’s in front of you, the stuff im guilty of neglecting as i rush out the door at 5.30 am for my 7th gym class of the week before a full day at work, usually followed by some sort of blog event. Perhaps this sudden setback only exists physically and in fact emotionally will give me a second to stop and express gratitude for the thousands of things i have, that others don’t. Yes, I’m not living a full week of complete productivity which for me brings a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction but why can’t i look to feel the same sense of satisfaction when my body literally heals back to normal, a wrist which is currently bent in the middle?

So instead of getting worked up that I’ve spent a week without a SINGLE day of 10,000 steps or that I’m off work and doing very little, im going to use this time to appreciate everything i actually have. I’m safe and secure with the ability to control my own mindset, which in light of recent traffic events in the news is definitely something to be thankful for, i have so many loved ones around me that actually dedicate a whole moment of their day to ask me how i am, and despite the temporary broken bone I’m fit and healthy. Not to mention the amazing treatment I’m receiving free of charge from our NHS.

Instead of a fast paced run where I’m trying to get my 10k below a certain time, I’m taking slow steady walks to the park, engaging in conversation and breathing in the crisp February fresh air. My ability to read means i can experience that amazing feeling where you’re totally and utterly lost in the world of a good book and i can go to bed knowing there’s going to be someone there to give me a hand when i wake up.

So for anyone that needs to hear it, sometimes all it takes is a lil bit of perspective to put your head where it needs to be.

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