Celebrating the end of January with The Old Bank Liverpool


We’ve done it. We’ve made it to the end of January, officially the longest most borrrring month of the year. To top it off, the end of January was on a Friday this year and combined with pay day, there was no question we’d be going out to celebrate. To help us along, The Old Bank invited us down for some food and drinks and if was safe to say, we had that Friday feeeeeling.

I feel like The Old Bank is somewhat of a Liverpool treasure so it’s probably a bit of a travesty that I haven’t been in until now. I couldn’t believe how grand the decor was (think chandeliers and marble) and although it was suuuuper busy with payday drinkers, we had our own little booth, complete with a gin menu. Perfect.

Nothing says gin balloon more than the end of January after about 20000 years of waiting and so we ordered rhubarb gins and ginger tonic (they have a fab deal on Friday nights of 2 for £12 on all cocktails FYI) and had a look at the food menu. The menu i would probably describe at ‘pub vibes’ but with a contemporary twist (think sweet potato falafels and katsu curries alongside traditional classics) with main dishes as well as a range of sides and small plates. I was a tinyyyy bit disappointed to see there were no vegan options on the main menu, but i got around it by ordering some delicious pittas and hummous to start and then the sweet potato falafel and a side salad and chips for a main. The falafel was actually a starter dish but the staff were more than accommodating when i asked for it as a main and do you know what? It was delicious. Served with a tahini and balsamic dressing, the falafels were crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy in the middle, served on a bed of rocket. I was verrry jealous of the chicken katsu curry, that looked like a bit of me.

Aside from the limited vegan choices (the menu doesn’t actually state that anything is vegan so you kind if just have to make a guess) i actually couldn’t really fault anything about The Old Bank and i would definitely recommend anyone who’s thinking about popping in, whether that’s for a cocktail and a few small plates or a delicious full meal. The atmosphere was great, the service was fab and the food was of a  great quality and taste. So grab your girl gang and head down next Friday!

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