Christmas….in a burger. Honest burger launches new festive special


From Christmas sandwiches to festive bakes, when this time of year is upon us, everyone goes a bit mad with cranberry sauce and stuffing filled everything and do you know what? Im fully here for it. After visiting Honest Burgers for the first time a little while back, i was fully blown away by the deliciousness of their dishes. It’s a simple chips and burger concept, with a range of burger specials being brought in and out with the seasons. Whilst the salt n pepper covered ‘Liverpool’ burger is a firm favourite, there’s a new kid in town – the Christmas special. I went to see what it was all about.

With a classically medium honest burger patty, bacon, cranberry sauce and DEEP FRIED CAMEMBERT between its buns, the Honest Burger Christmas special wasn’t one to be messed with. As if the juicy Honest Burgers patty wasn’t enough, the oozy, melty camembert, the punchy cranberry kick and the added extra of salty bacon make this burger nothing short of epic. Sadly, this delicious creation will only be around for the festive season but it’s OKAY because im sure there will be another unreal special gracing the cobbles of Bold Street in Jan that’s going to be totally worth breaking the diet for – watch this space.

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