A chippie tea like never before: Six by Nico comes to Liverpool


The six course culinary experience Six by Nico has finally opened its doors in Liverpool and myself and other Liverpool bloggers were invited down to have a little taste of what’s to come. And as expected, it’s an absolute must.

Six by Nico is a unique concept whereby every six weeks a new six course tasting menu is created and served to diners – each one themed upon a different place or memory. For their debut menu in Liverpool, Six by Nico launched ‘the chippie’ which is designed to emanate classic chip shop favourites to create a truly immersive dining experience. Let’s face it, the theme could not have been more apt. Here’s what we ate.

1 – chips and cheese

Ok i know we’re only on course one but this was actually my favourite of the entire menu – the flavours were just insane, super rich cheesey potato with a hint of curry oil. Insane.

2 – Scampi

An intricate take on the classic, this scampi dish covered monkfish cheeks in a rich herb butter sauce and pea emulsion.

3 – Steak pie

Halfway through and another chippie classic, this deconstructed steak pie featured a beautifully cooked piece of steak, a buttery pastry crust, red wine and a burnt onion ketchup. This was amazing combination of flavours and was accompanied by a super fruity red wine (id had a number of glasses of white before this because every course is paired with wine so it’s safe to say i was having a really fantastic Saturday afternoon).

4 – Fish supper

This was a classic, delicately battered cod with the punchy flavours of samphire and mussels and the perfect take on the traditional chippie battered cod. Served with a crisp white wine.

5 – Smoked sausage

The showstopper. Brought to the table covered by a smoking glass dome this was a hub of smokey flavours. The traditional chippie sausage was accompanied by caramelised apple and baked celeriac.

6 – A deep fried Mars Bar

As with all good meals, the Six by Nico tasting menu ended in something naughty but oh so nice. The deconstructed battered mars bar could only be described as a work of art, with caramelia chocolate mousse representing the nougat, a small amount of deep fried chocolate and orange sorbet all making an appearance on the plate. We ate our mars bars with a coffee and it was just the best end to a delicious meal.

Six by Nico’s ‘chippie tea’ menu will run right up until the beginning of January, so grab it whilst you can. After this, it will change to something new but equally as exciting – and I can’t wait to go back and see what it is. 

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