New Italian American restaurant comes to Liverpool One


For a while, The Red Hot Buffet space at the end of Chavasse Park has been vacant and ive been thinking for a while how much of a shame that is because it’s such a big space with loadssss of potential. Anyway, behold: Smoke n Dough.

I was asked to try Smoke n Dough a few weeks back and after seeing pictures of the absolute feasts people were having, i was so ready to try it for myself. The concept is pretty unique combining fresh Italian flavours (dough) with slowly cooked meats (smoke) and an array of everyone’s favourite side dishes. There’s also a killer cocktail menu, more wines than France and a decent dessert menu to have a go at. Sound good? It is.

Firstly, we were brought over our first course which consisted of fresh breads, pizza slices, breadsticks and an array of salads, meaning we could chat and nibble with a cocktail whilst we waited for our meat – smoking slowly by the chefs in the open kitchen.

After our first course, the meat was brought over. The tables are especially designed so that a hot plate can stay warm in the middle of the table, piled high with everything from steak and pork to chicken skewers and sticky wings. On the side, we were brought deliciously creamy mac and cheese (a real winner in my book), crispy onion rings, rich peppercorn sauce, corn on the cob and even mash potato. Amazing.

This probably goes without saying but if you’re paying a visit to Smoke n Dough – go hungry. There’s so much to eat, id say almost as much as a buffet style restaurant but with the intimacy of a sit down meal and a higher quality of food. With a grand interior, professional and friendly staff and PLENTY of food, this is the perfect venue for everything from a date night for two to a huge group meal – a great addition to everyone’s fave shopping space!

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