Bongo’s Bingo is BACK – and better than ever


Probably the less said about why Bongo’s Bingo has moved out of the camp n furnace the better, but if you’re unaware of what went down then all i have to say is: where the hell have you been?! ANYWAY, after always being huge fan of bongo’s and all that comes with it, i was more than ready to try out their brand new night in their brand new venue and can safely say i wasn’t disappointed. LET’S PLAY BINGO.

For those that don’t know, Bongo’s Bingo has moved to Content, a brand new venue tucked away in Cain’s brewery. Although smaller than the Camp n Furnace, it doesn’t pack any less of a punch and in true Bongo’s Bingo style, the show went off with a bang. From Apple Sours and Coco Pops to Philip Schofield, mobility scooters and the humble Henry Hoover, the prizes were as good as ever and with confetti canons and throwback tunez – i was a lil bit relieved to see the atmosphere of the Bongo’s we all know and love was still the same.

With a jug of ‘Fizzecco’ on the table (pretty sure this is lambrini but i am not complaining – it only adds to the throwback element of the night IMO) our red felt tips and bingo books to hand, we were ready to play Bingo. Despite our ‘lucky tickets’ being, well, not so lucky (my ticket is NEVER lucky) and not getting any lines never mind a full house, we had an absolute ball. Whether you’re off on a group night out, a girl’s night or even a date night, Bongo’s honestly never fails to be fab. And despite my concerns that their new venue might make it different to the Bongo’s Bingo I know and love, i didn’t need to worry. Jonny Bongo, Slutty Susie, Horny Heidi (and dangerous Dave the security guy) are here to stay in their brand new Cains Brewery home and im MADE up. Until next time Bongo’s – 88. 

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