Thursday Night Feast at Rocket n Ruby


It’s safe to say that when eating out in Liverpool today, you’re spoilt for choice with all of the amazing places that pop up regularly, and that’s amazing. But there are a few places that really stick with you and you’ll return time and time again, whether that’s for a date night, a girly brunch or just a drink in the sun and for me, Rocket and Ruby has quickly become one of those places. So when i was invited for a press night to sample the dishes on their fab, ever-developing menu (and have a cocktail or 5) i obviously said yes ten times over.

Rocket and Ruby is sat on the corner of Castle Street, next door to sister restaurant and long-time Liverpool favourite Bacaro. From it’s quirky decor to its dusty pink menus, open kitchen and ‘coffee to go’ window, this place is just goals for any instagrammer (ahem) but successfully combines this with an obvious culinary knowledge and some delightfully delicious food.

We met the team from Think (as well as some fab blogger gals) at the restaurant and wasted no time in ordering our drinks: rhubarb rose fizz for me (rhubarb gin and rose lemonade which went down like the most delish juice ive ever tasted and and their better (if possible) take on the classic aperol spritz: the aperol peach punch (this was a thursday evening which is basically friday which is basically the weekend so with all that said and done working our way through the cocktail list was totally and utterly justified). We sipped our cocktails whilst munching on the most delightful olives in the history of olives (i order these every time i come here) and devouring some warm flatbreads and oil whilst we set to work on the menu.

The guys at Rocket and Ruby recommended 4-5 plates between two, so, naturally, we chose five off the menu and even narrowing it down to that was TOUGH. Every dish sounded bloody fantastic but we eventually settled on the following: 

The Harrissa Mac with Buttermilk fried chicken

I KNOW. This was basically as good as it sounds, with a cheeky lil bit of heat added to the mac n cheese which was smothered all over the top of crispy chicken. Diet starts….never let’s face it.

The ham, egg, straw fried and chilli jam

A lil Rocket and Ruby classic and something i always order because what the hell is not to love about a (big) small plate crispy straw fries, runny egg, thick cut ham a lil hint of sweet chilli. I’ll have 5 pls.

The enoki mushrooms with a coconut and avo cream
Light and crispy mushrooms on a bed of rich, smooth avo cream with a hint of coconut sweetness. A revelation.

The sweet n sour fried cauliflower
Crispy battered cauliflower with a sweet n sour sauce, this was just so moreish, with the cauliflower still having a crunch to it, despite the batter being cooked perfectly.

Herb tabbouleh 
 A lil refreshing bowl of goodness packed with pickled cucumber, chilli, goats cheese, walnuts and honey. Delightful. 

DESPITE my top button being undone, it’s no secret this gal can’t refuse dessert, so we ordered the chocolate sponge  – warm and rich with a delightfully creamy banana ice cream and the beautifully light pistachio tart (also w/ ice cream). I couldn’t pick a fave if you PAID ME x

I mean, when Rocket and Ruby say small plates they don’t really mean that small at all and as well as being totally delicious in every way, these generous portions make it amazing value for money. With a creative menu, loads of choice, cocktails galore and just all of the lovely chilled out dinner vibes, it goes without saying that you really should pay these guys a visit. Oh and they also do a bloody fantastic brunch as well – don’t take me word for it. Thank you so much to Rocket and Ruby for a deliciously wonderful evening, i will be back soon to eat you all out of house n home once again. 

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