Toy Story 4 at the other Everyman


If you haven’t been to The Everyman Cinema, inside The Metquarter yet, then i don’t really know wyd because it’s literally the best thing ever. Walking in to asbolute interior goals, you can not only choose what filom you want to see but also choose from a range of booze and food to be served to you whilst you watch your movie. From chips and guac to full pizzas, burgers and margarita’s, there really is no better way to watch a movie. So when I was invited down to watch Toy Story 4, i was READY (with tissues).

The Everyman Cinema has a number of different screens and for Toy Story we sat in one of the bigger rooms, which is full of the comfiest chairs and side tables. We were shown to our seats and sank right into the sofas as we waited for the film to start. Like EVERYONE, i’ve been a Toy Story fan since I was about 3 years old and now I’m 26 it was an emotional thought that I could potentially be watching the last one ever. Now, i wont give anything away about the film other than to say it definitely was a tear jerker and WELL WORTH a watch. If you don’t fancy Toy Story, I’d definitely recommend visiting The Everyman for a film of your choice because who the hell doesn’t want to watch a Blockbuster movie sprawled out on a comfortable couch with a burger in one hand and a vino in the other. No-one, that’s who.

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