SKINNY TAN SAVES LIVES: my go-to glow this summer


It’s probably safe to say that i’m a fake tan addict. There’s something about having a lil golden glow that just makes you feel READY and realising the impossibility of affording 25 holidays a year for ultimate upkeep, i have found a best friend in Skinny Tan.

Being the fair, blonde gal I am (not hating on the pale gail’s out there btw) Ive been using Skinny Tan products for pretty much ever (after the school days of streaky orange legs caused by tan wipes and the familiar spicy smell Johnson’s holiday skin, of course) and so when they asked to gift me some of their new products i might as well have just emailed back ‘TAN ME NOW’ in the subject line. Yes, i was excited. 

From gradual tan to instant bronze and even tinted sun cream and aftersun, the guys at Skinny Tan have been doing BITS with their new product range. Ive always been an advocate of their gradual tan as i find with their super thick mitt it goes on with a flawless finish, absolutely no patches and doesnt smell either. This develops over night like a dream ready to wash off in the morning and ta daaa, you’re glowin’. However, my current FAVE product in the range is the coconut tanning mist – literally the first tan ive ever seen like this. Simply spritz the refreshing, clear mist all over (i dab with a mitt to avoid patches) and go. It develops as you wear it and smells amazingly of coconuts. It’s cooling qualities are just fab for sweaty summer days and you don’t smell like a walking biscuit. Winner. 

I’ve also been lucky enough to try Skinny Tan’s SPF range which was whisked away with me to Lisbon – a spray on sun cream with gradual tanner plus a tinted aftersun was perfect to cheat a little with the holiday tan and feel top dollar in them holiday selfies. I was also gifted the gradual face moisturiser and mask (they contain aloe vera and are SO moisturising) which build up a subtle glow for the complexion (i put this on about 3 times per week and i swear i don’t even need foundation day to day). 

There’s also a few non-tan products to try from the Skinny Tan range such as the melting moisture balm which goes on like an oil and makes sure alllll those dry bits (elbows am lookin at u) don’t go patchy and the colour of your tan stays gorge for ages as well as the fab exfoliating mitt, which, if you’re a serial tanner like me, you’ll know the importance of when it comes to avoiding a patchy, streaky disaster. 

I’m even more in loveeee with Skinny Tan than i was already after trying all of these fab new products and i can’t wait to try out more from the range – they make tanning super natural, easy and quick, perfect for us busy gals that just crave a bit of glow. Try for yourself if you haven’t already! #fakeeverydaybrighter 

*i was gifted skinny tan as part of a brand collab but these opinions are my own. 

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