Jimmy’s Launches in Liverpool


Bar/restaurant/gig venue/the place of all things good times Jimmy’s has finally arrived in Liverpool, after years of letting Manchester have all the fun, which is super exciting. After receiving the most extra invite ever (including a mini Jagermeister, an actual real life record and my very own band pass) last week, I headed to the launch (where I drank Rose Zinfandel cos I’m super Rock n Roll like that). Packed full of school night drinkers (did you know, Wednesday is the new Friday?), the venue was looking fan bloody tastic, with Jimmy’s signature red n black decor all over the place and a good bit of neon lighting thrown in for good measure cos when it comes to being extra AF in Liverpool, where there’s a will, there’s most certainly a way. Am. I. Right?

The venue is situated right opposite The Bombed Out Church at the top of Bold Street and sits across three floors. The bottom floor is the basement, where fab bands play weekly (check out their website and Instagram for the schedule), the middle floor is the bar area and upstairs the soon to be restaurant which will be serving everything from brunch to Sunday lunch which i am READY for. Looking for somewhere new to drink, eat and watch live music? Head over to Jimmy’s now!

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