Monday Funday at Castle St Townhouse


Last week i had a cheeky lil Monday funday at the fab Castles St Townhouse to try out their new menu offerings (and maybe have a mojito or 3). For those that don’t know, this gorgeous venue sits bang in the middle of castle street with dark green umbrellas on the outside and an interior to dieee for on the in. With it being a Monday and a busy day at work, i was ready to have a girlie catch up over some delicious food and cocktails.

Sitting down in a gorgeous green velvet booth we ordered two mojitos and set to work on the delicious sounding menu. As always, i wanted everything but finally settled on a few nibbles and a steak salad for the main (with a side of fries cos, you know). The nibbles were homemade humous which was deliciously served with warm pitta and some crusty bread with a generous helping of oil and balsamic – my FAVE. We dipped our bread and sipped our cocktails like true ladies that lunch and to be honest, i was living nothing short of my best life. 

Next up were our mains. My steak was cooked so well (medium) and sat on a bed of leafy greens, topped with a drizzle of salty chimichurri. The salad also had peanuts to give it a delicious sweet crunch and my fries were super crispy and skinny, just how i like em. We also ordered the chicken burger which came on a super soft brioche with the meat marinated in all kinds of delish herbs and spices, served with fries. Just so much yes. 

If, like me, you’ve lived in Liverpool a very long time and even work in town but have never ventured into Castle St Townhouse before, you need to, like now. Delicious food, amazing cocktails (the glasses are BIG) and just all round dead good vibes and lovely service. Couldn’t recommend this place enough for a lil friday (or Monday if you can’t be tamed like me) night treat. Go go go

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