How to do: Safari Chic


When Meryl Streep, in all her iconic glory, first brought us safari chic vibes in 1985, it was evident that this trend was gonna stick around. Stylish enough to be worn out and about for (a few too many) dranks with the gals and casual enough for that ‘yeah i just threw this on even though I really didn’t’ aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with safari chic style. Give it an upgrade this season with everyone’s most talked about animal print (move over leopard, there’s a certain Zebra in town) and keep your accessories minimal (I matched my shoes and bag completely to add minimal fuss). Chuck your heels off and throw on a pair of Birkenstock’s or Teva’s and you’ve gone from flower wall and Prosecco to casual daytime style in a suuuper hot minute. To get this look, I’ve paired this cute H&M Zebra t-shirt (about £7 – bargain) and a khaki ZARA skort.

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