How to do: Summertime Florals


The floral trends of summer ’19 are anything but subtle. Think bright vibes so tropical most prints include the odd lemon and palm tree. As well as tropical style bralets and dresses there’s also flowers, and lots of ’em. The prints that can be found at the moment can be likened to something your Nan might have in her wardrobe, but, I’m totally here for it. Birghtly coloured florals can be worn super easily either by dressing down and pairing with a block colour or wearing against florals of a slightly different print, it totally depends on how out there you’re willing to go. But when the sun is shining and the sky is blue, remember, there’s no such thing as too far. If you want to clash prints, then now is the time to do it.

This super cute Zara number is totally perfect for everyday summer style. Take on the beach to throw over a one-piece , pair with shorts and sandals or wear over ripped jeans and your fave trainers. This top is also one of those precious numbers that defines ‘nice top’ in the infamous jeans and a nice top duo. It’s named the Dolly blouse and it’s totally easy to see why. I love it. Happy floral-ing.

For something a little more ‘out out’, pairing tropical with ruched, one shoulder style is definitely the way to go. This (also Zara) crop does all the talking itself so really is just perfect paired with boyfriend jeans and some cute mules. Im also on the hunt for some fuschia wide leg flares to go with this . Perfect holiday style.

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