Review: Sunday Roastin’ at the Maritime Dining Rooms


You’re probs all familiar with the Maritime museum and the many days spent there as a kid but did you know that there’s also a restaurant that serves Yorkshire puddings the size of your face? No. I didn’t either, until the guys at Pink Media invited me down to go see for myself. Put it this way. We didn’t leave disappointed. Or hungry.

Situated inside the Maritime museum with a gorgeous view of the dock, this place is already interior goals. We were shown to our table and the prosecco was popped as we sat down to eat with some other fab bloggers. 

After a few glasses of the good stuff our roast dinner was brought out in all its glory. The dinner is served on sharing style boards, but don’t let the word ‘sharing’ scare your hangry alter ego – the board is literally PILED with meat (we had beef and chicken) as well as tonnes of veg, a WHOLE cauliflower smothered in cheese, plenty of crispy roasties, carrot and swede mash, a Yorkshire pud filled with BBQ pulled pork and a huge boat of gravy. Absolute roast dinner goals. 

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but i love the  sharing board roast dinner idea. It’s been done in a few places (Camp n Furnace and Baby E off the top of my head) and it just reminds me of a sociable, family style Sunday lunch where everyone just gets stuck in. As well as there being plenty of it, the food genuinely tasted amazing and at £20 pp including dessert it’s definitely well worth it for a Sunday lunch somewhere special.

Despite the more than generous portion sizes, we obviously still had room for a little (big) bit of dessert and it was just as well because before we knew it, out came another bored carrying chocolate brownies topped with salted caramel popcorn and pavlova, whipped cream and fruit. Being a sucker for all things sweet i was delighted that there was more than enough for me to have a big fat slice of each. Each pudding was every bit as good as it sounds and i rolled out of that museum like it was early evening on Christmas day. 

If you’re looking for somewhere a little fancy schmancy for a special Sunday occasion or even just fancy some bloody good food in a venue with a difference – i can’t recommend The Maritime Dining Rooms enough. Book your table now!

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