Review: Retro Dining at Bundobust Liverpool


A brand new big, open space with to die for retro decor and the most delicious Indian style dishes has open up above Bold Street – and everyone needs to visit. Already taken Leeds by storm, Bundobust is now gracing the streets of Liverpool and the mouths of foodies with it’s fun, creative and most importantly delicious, vegan and veggie Indian menu. 

After arriving at Bundobust, we wasted no time in deciding which cocktail to order (after all, it was Monday), deciding on the top two from the list – the Desi 75 (sipsmiths sloe gin, lemon juice, cinnamon syrup and Prosecco) and the Mango and Rosewater Bramble (Portobello Rd gin, mango, rosewater and lemon juice). Handily, Bundobust actually have combo options on their menu that you can order depending on your party size. This gives you the option to taste a bit of everything. We chose the combo for two and because im literally never full also ordered some extra side dishes, including the amazing Bhel Puri, the infamous Okra fries and some deliciously warm and soft Indian flatbreads.

One of the many great things about Bundobust is the dining style. Whilst canteen trays and paper pots might not be ideal for a dressed up date night, this style, combined with the amazing decor, gives the whole thing a super cool, retro feel. Our combo arrived on a tray and there was more than enough for two and with the extras we’d ordered alongside it – we were strapped in and ready for a huge feast. 

Standout dishes from the Bundobust menu for me are definitely the Bhel Puri (this can literally be described as a rice krispie style texture with all of the spice of bombay mix, topped with pomegranates and smothered in a sweet and spicy tamarind sauce. A close second has to be the Okra fries – it’s easy to see how the guys at Bundobust are famous for these super crispy and salty battered courgette fingers – im not really selling it but TRUST ME on this one. 

Overall our visit to Bundobust was an absolute winner. So many people have been raving about how good it is (it’s already in Leeds and Manchester) and you really should believe the hype. Bundobust – until we meet again.

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